Why Orthodontic Treatment Is Necessary

Whether it’s braces or clear aligners you prefer, straighter teeth are more than just a vanity piece.  Aligning your jaw and/ or your bite can change more than just the obvious.  A “bad bite” might be embarrassing, but it can also lead to some rather serious health problems. Lets read, why orthodontic treatment is necessary

The principle reason for getting any alignment treatment is to construct a healthy bite, but also can fix a number of health complications. Some being relief from oral pain or discomfort, gum disease, lung or heart disease, and may be preventative from more intense health concerns.

Orthodontic treatments use various methods to move teeth in order to improve functionality and overall health. Misalignment can lead to problems due to inability to clean teeth and gums properly.  These issues can be avoided entirely when teeth and gums are cleaned according to dental hygiene standards.

These standards are not just a recommendation, but a requirement.  If not followed properly, the aforementioned health problems may result. If teeth are crooked or crowded, you may have some hard to reach areas that don’t ever really get cleaned, leading to gum, lung, or heart disease.

While orthodontic treatment is generally optional, they can improve your quality of life somewhat dramatically. Let The Smile Artisans give you a reason to smile!  Call the Smile Artisans today at (832) 220-6087 or come see us at 18121 Tuckerton Road, STE 140, Cypress, Texas 77433.

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