Why Corrective Aligners Could Be The Answer To Your Smile Woes

Pretty much everyone these days has heard of corrective retainers as an alternate to braces. While these aligners aren’t necessarily a good fit for everyone, they could be exactly what you’ve been looking for all this time. Aligners work by switching out trays every week, allowing the teeth to be pushed into the correct position, whereas braces use wires and elastics to accomplish this.

Not only is this treatment typically a quicker overall process than traditional braces, but also more cost effective as there is less equipment and fewer visits required. While both must be worn all the time, clear aligners can be removed when eating. They are also easier to “hide” than braces, since they are, as the name implies, clear.

Further, while it may seem like aligners can only be used to correct crooked or crowded teeth, they can actually do much more for you. They can be used to correct over bites, under bites, and cross or open bites.  They can also be used to fix a misaligned jaw. However, they are not capable of accomplishing everything that traditional braces can.

While these treatments may not always be available, talk to us today about your smile options. Let the Smile Artisans give you a reason to smile! Call the Smile Artisans today at (832) 653-7110 or come see us at 18121 Tuckerton Road, STE 140, Cypress, Texas 77433.

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