What To Do When A Tooth Falls Out

So you loss an Adult tooth, what now? First off, if an adult tooth gets loose, you should see a dentist. Second, if you chose to ignore this and you loss adult tooth, you should go to your nearest dentist immediately. Third if for some reason your tooth cannot be replaced, or you refrain from going to the dentist entirely at the time of the event, you should still go to see a dentist.

When you lose an adult tooth, it doesn’t grown back like a baby tooth. It falls out, your gums heal, and that’s that. However, if a tooth falls out there are a few steps you can take to better your chances your dentist being able to replace it. You’ll want to find the tooth, pick it up by the crown, rinse it off if needed, and finally drop it into a bit of milk. The milk will work to preserve the tooth until you can get to the dentist.

Permanent tooth loss can results in a myriad of consequences. Some being a reduced function, decay, and further loss of remaining teeth. A missing tooth can make it difficult to properly chew food clean your teeth, resulting in further decay. It can also cause other teeth to come lose and potentially fall out.

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