What is the Process of Getting Braces Like?

Getting braces is an exciting process! However, it’s normal to be confused about how the whole thing works. How are braces applied, how long do they take, and most importantly, how do they even work? In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions about the process of getting braces. 

Your Braces Consultation

Before your orthodontic journey begins, you will first have a consultation. During this appointment, you will discuss your needs with an orthodontist. He or she will then create a treatment plan just for you. This consultation is also your opportunity to ask any questions so that you feel comfortable with the braces process. 

Getting Your Braces

After your consultation, it’s time to get your braces placed. First, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned to remove any bacteria. Next, a metal bracket is attached to each tooth using a clear adhesive. A strong wire, called an archwire, is threaded through the brackets. Finally, rubber bands will be placed on top of the brackets, securing the archwire in place. While the process of getting braces might sound scary, it’s an easy procedure. 

Monthly Adjustments

During your braces treatment, your archwire is adjusted in order to move your teeth. These braces adjustments will be needed every four weeks or so. During your adjustment, the wire is repositioned and your rubber bands will be changed. Your orthodontist will also use this appointment to monitor your process. 

Removing Your Brackets

After a series of monthly adjustments, your braces treatment will eventually come to an end. Your orthodontist will remove your braces and clear away any leftover adhesive, leaving you with a clean, straight smile. 

Maintaining Your Smile 

After your treatment, you will need to ensure that your teeth stay straight in the long run. Luckily, this is simple to do! Your orthodontist will give you a retainer to wear after treatment, which keeps your teeth in their new position. Use the retainer as directed, and be sure to see your dentist or orthodontist if you notice your teeth shifting. 

Have Questions?

Still curious about the process of getting braces? The Smile Artisans are here to help. We offer a variety of orthodontic services, as well as consultations before you get started. Call us today to get started on your braces journey.

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