What Happens During a Wisdom Tooth Consultation?

Do you need a wisdom tooth consultation? For some patients, this can be a scary appointment. The idea of oral surgery is intimidating, and a consultation can make the process begin to feel “real”. However, patients shouldn’t worry about their wisdom tooth consultation. It’s a quick and simple appointment that can help you feel better about your upcoming surgery. Here’s what to expect from this oral surgeon visit.

Visual Exam

All oral surgery consultations will begin with a visual exam. During this process, your teeth will be examined, just like at a dental checkup. It’s an easy way for your oral surgeon to check the size and structure of your mouth. Of course, it’s also an opportunity to check your overall oral health and make sure you are ready for surgery.

Imaging and/or Tests

After your visual exam, your oral surgeon will use imaging tools like x-rays to check your wisdom tooth placement. Additional tests or images might be ordered, too. This process helps your surgeon plan your tooth extraction ahead of time.

Preparing You For Surgery

After examining your mouth, your oral surgeon will walk you through the logistics of your surgery. You’ll get to choose your surgery date, and may also have a choice of anesthesia. Your surgeon will also tell you how long the procedure will take and what you can expect during recovery. You can also call your oral surgeon after your consultation to ask any additional questions.

Answering Your Questions

Finally, your surgeon will also answer any of your questions about the upcoming procedure. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to talk about what’s on your mind. Your surgeon is there to help you, it’s important that you get the clarity you need to feel confident about your surgery.

Ready to Book Your Wisdom Tooth Consultation?

If you need a tooth extraction, the Smile Artisans are here for you. We offer a variety of dental services to suit your needs, and we always prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction. Whether you need a wisdom tooth consultation, surgery, or follow-up care, give us a call. We’ll help you get a healthy, radiant smile. Call (832) 220-6087 to book a consultation today.

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