What are the Most Common Bite Problems?

Bite problems might seem like a simple aesthetic issue. However, they can actually impact your oral health. Severe bite problems can lead to tooth decay, jaw pain, headaches, and even speech impediments. Fortunately, dental and/or orthodontic treatments can repair a person’s smile, leading to greater confidence while also decreasing the risk of certain dental problems. Below, we’ll explain the most common bite problems, as well as some treatment options to consider.


An overbite is one of the most common bite problems. Overbites occur when a person’s top teeth extend far beyond their lower teeth. The result is a large overlap, which is sometimes called “buck teeth”.


Underbites occur when the lower teeth extend in front of the upper teeth. This can also cause the jaw to appear larger or more prominent. While underbites are less common than overbites, they are still a regular bite issue that dentists deal with.


Many people deal with crowded teeth, though not many realize that it can cause bite problems. Crowding occurs when the teeth are spaced too closely together, causing an overlapping effect. It affects a person’s bite because the teeth do not sit in the correct position in the mouth.


Sometimes, people also have teeth that are not spaced closely enough. This results in wide gaps between the teeth, also known as spacing issues. Like crowding, spacing issues affect the bite because the teeth are not properly aligned.

Treatment Options

While there are many different bite issues, most can be treated using relatively simple methods. Of course, orthodontics is the most popular treatment option. This might include traditional braces, clear aligners, bite plates, or other orthodontic devices. In severe cases, oral surgery may be needed to fully correct a person’s bite. Your dentist can assess your overall oral health and help you choose the best treatment option for your specific needs.

Talk to Your Dentist

If you are struggling with bite problems, the Smile Artisans can help. We address both the cosmetic and also the functional issues caused by bite problems. The result? A smile that looks- and functions- its best. Call (832) 220-6087 to book a consultation today.

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