Top 5 Signs of Infection After Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are quick, easy, and straightforward procedures. However, infections can still happen in some cases. Learning about the signs of infection after root canal therapy will help you know what to expect during recovery. If you notice any of these signs of infection after root canal treatment, then call your dentist.

1- New or Worsening Pain

Of course, mild discomfort is normal after a root canal. However, this pain should get better over time- not worse. If you notice new or worsening pain in the days or weeks following your root canal, then you might be dealing with an infection. 

2- A Lump Forming On Your Gum 

After your root canal, you may notice some mild swelling or tenderness at the oral surgery site. But just like your pain levels, this swelling should improve in the days following your root canal. Look out for now or worsening swelling, as well as initial swelling that does not seem to improve. 

3- Bad Breath

We usually think of bad breath as a dental hygiene issue. However, it can also be a sign of an oral infection. If you notice a bad breath developing after your root canal (or other oral surgery), then call your dentist. While there are many things that can cause breath issues, it’s important to rule out potential infections. 

4- Feelings of Malaise or Lethargy 

Not all signs of infection occur in the mouth. For some patients, it can be a full-body experience. Feeling tired, weak, or just plain “off” is common right after dental work, especially if you need anesthesia. However, these can be infection warning signs if they persist. Monitor your symptoms after your root canal and keep track of any changes. 

5- Fever

If you experience a fever after your root canal, then it’s important to seek help right away. A fever is a clear sign that your body is trying to fight an infection. Usually a fever caused by infection will occur with other negative symptoms, too. Call your doctor or dentist if you develop a fever after your procedure. 

Are You Experiencing Signs of Infection After Root Canal?

Don’t wait to get help! Call a dentist ASAP and get treatment before your infection spreads. The sooner you get help, the quicker you can reduce your symptoms. If you have questions about your root canal recovery, then contact The Smile Artisans today.

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