Teeth Hurts While Biting – What Could The Reason Be?

Do you experience a zap of pain in your teeth when you bite down on something? It is not a good feeling to irk every time you sit down to enjoy your favorite foods. There are several reasons why your teeth, back or front, might hurt when you bite down; let’s discuss the top 9 on our list.

9 Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt When Biting Down

Here is a list of the most common reasons why this might be happing to you.

  1. Improper Fillings
    Your bite or occlusion is how your teeth align and make contact while you munch on food. Ideally, the pressure on your teeth during chewing should be even, with no excessive force.
    However, if any tooth has a filling that is not appropriately aligned, it can result in pain when you chew.
  2. Large Cavity in Tooth
    Tooth pain right after eating anything may serve as a marker of tooth decay or indicate the presence of a cavity. Large or not, cavities lead to tooth sensitivity, particularly when consuming certain hot, acidic food or something sweet.
    This is due to food particles getting lodged in these holes resulting in pain. To stop this from happening, practice going to regular checkups and examinations to catch issues early on.
  3. Dental Abscess
    It is an infectious situation that occurs when pus builds up due to bacteria. The swelling and pus put pressure on your tooth, leading to discomfort during chewing or when pressure is applied.
  4. Cracked Tooth
    A crack in the tooth is often not visible, and you notice when it sends a sharp pain impulse during eating.
  5. Gum Disease
    Underlying gum disease can result in the loosening of the teeth, which opens the gate to sensitivity and pain while consuming food.
  6. Wisdom Teeth Popping Up
    Impacted wisdom teeth are another leading cause. Since they are the last set of teeth to erupt, wisdom teeth often grow without sufficient space. This results in intense pain that intensifies while chewing or biting down.
  7. Congestion or Sinus Pressure
    Tooth pain might be due to other issues, too; one such instance is inflamed sinuses, particularly in the upper teeth. Since the roots are close to your nasal sinuses, inflammation can lead to discomfort.
  8. Gum Recession
    When your gum recedes from its line, sensitivity and pain are common in the oral cavity. This condition can result from aggressive tooth brushing, teeth grinding, gum disease, or trauma.
  9. Teeth Grinding and Clenching
    Habits such as teeth grinding and jaw clenching exert extra pressure on your teeth, which may lead to fractures and consequent pain while eating anything.

Closing Note

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