Looking For Periodontist in Cypress Texas?

Consider a smarter alternative and visit Dr. Gutierrez! As a Comprehensive General Practitioner, Dr. G incorporates periodontal surgery treatments with an interdisciplinary approach that involves more than just perio. Together with his team of specialists, he include functional, esthetic, surgical, and restorative approach to over all oral health wellness.
A big part of keeping your oral health in excellent condition is keeping your gums fresh, clean, and healthy. But many people experience some form of gum disease in their life. Gum or periodontal disease is an infection of the gums caused by bacteria in the mouth. Furthermore, housed in built-up tartar or plaque, these bacteria attack your gums, causing bleeding, bad breath, chewing problems, and, in extreme cases, tooth loss. To prevent such complications, consult with one of the best periodontal treatment in Cypress Texas, at Smile Artisans. If your gums appear swollen or red, or you have bleeding when you brush or floss, then it’s time to see DR. VIRGILIO GUTIERREZ for a consultation.

When to seek help from Periodontist or Perio trained dental surgeon

If you have noticed your teeth have become a little loose, it is better to get your oral health checked. Bleeding gums can also be a sign of gum disease. Thus, it’s important to discuss these symptoms with DR. GUTIERREZ. At Smile Artisans, our periodontists offer various treatments to reduce plaque, eliminate bacteria, and restore your gums to their natural, healthy condition.

Suppose you are experiencing bleeding gums, bad breath that just won’t go away, painful chewing, or receding gum lines. In that case, you should make an appointment right away in Cypress at Smile Artisans. Call our office and speak with one of our staff to schedule your appointment.

How do you treat
gum disease?

Fortunately, gum disease is entirely treatable. At Smile Artisans, we utilize various treatment options to ensure your gums are in the best condition possible. At our clinic in Cypress, the most common methods to treat gum disease are scaling and root planing. However, we use several advanced techniques depending on the severity and overall dental health of each patient. Our skilled periodontist trained Dr. Gutierrez & Oral Surgeon Dr. Garza, will make sure to provide you with the best periodontal care. The treatment we choose largely depends on the severity of your periodontal infection and deterioration of your gums, teeth, tissues, and bones. 

Once you visit us in Cypress, TX, we will perform and review digital X-rays and take a periodontal exam. After that, your periodontist will discuss your treatment options, answer your questions and educate you about:

  • Periodontal procedure
  • Number of office visits needed
  • Post-treatment aftercare
  • DIY to prevent future gum disease

Contact us! 

If you are looking for the best periodontist and live in Cypress, TX, or nearby areas, look no further, as Smile Artisans is right at your service. Give us a call at (832) 220-6087 and schedule an appointment to get the care you deserve. 

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