Propel and acceladent

Propel & Acceladent Cypress, Texas

New advances in dental technology provide patients with alternatives for accelerating their orthodontic treatment. Firms such as Propel and AcceleDent now offer procedures to hasten the movement of teeth during orthodontic treatment. Dr. Shevchenko uses both traditional braces and plastic aligners based on each patient’s situation and preferences.

New technologies are available to assist with orthodontic treatments (Propel and AcceleDent) which stimulate a patient’s jaw bone resulting in faster teeth movement. This stimulation temporarily changes the bone material allowing teeth to move more freely. The Propel treatments are performed in the office and involve stimulating bone using an in-office device. An alternate method is AcceleDent which is used at home. Patients using AcceleDent apply a micro-vibrating device in the mouth for twenty minutes a day.
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