Meet Your Cypress Dentists

Meet Your Cypress Dentist

At Smile Artisans, we’re proud to have not only an internationally trained and highly awarded general dentist on staff, but a board-certified orthodontist as well! Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Shevchenko work together to ensure that every patient receives the dedicated, personalized care they deserve, no matter what their oral health needs are. To learn more about each doctor, please click on their photo below:

Dentist at Smile Artisans Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Shevchenko are proud to have the support of a truly outstanding staff here at Smile Artisans! Our team members have plenty of dental experience, lots of continuing education under their belts, and warm, friendly demeanors that are sure to help you feel at ease during visits. To learn more about everyone you’ll meet at your first appointment, keep reading. After confirming that you’re a solid candidate for dental implants, the first major step of the procedure is to insert your tooth’s new ‘root’ (the implant itself) into the jawbone. While countless other dental practices in our area have to refer their patients to separate specialists for this surgical process, we have the experience and the advanced training needed to perform it here in our office.

Once the implant is safely seated within the bone, Mother Nature will start to take over. Throughout a process known as osseointegration, your natural oral tissue and bone will gradually surround the biocompatible implant and bond with it. This creates a solid and enduring foundation for the restoration(s) that will be attached over it. There are several choices available, and our recommendation will depend upon the patient’s particular needs and preferences. They include. Jawbone deterioration is a serious consequence of natural tooth loss, and one that becomes more and more pronounced over time. As a result, patients who wait to pursue implant replacement may find that their mouth no longer has the healthy bone density needed to support them. As a worthwhile alternative, Dr. Gutierrez can use mini dental implants instead. Mini dental implants are small enough that virtually all patients can receive them successfully, and they can be used to anchor a custom-made denture in place that should serve patients well over the.


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