Lifespan of A Root Canal Without Crown

If you are scheduled for a root canal, know that dentists often cover it up with a dental crown to make sure your tooth can carry on just like before. But there are times when it is not placed. So, if you are wondering how long you can go without a crown after a root canal? Let’s find out.

Do All Root Canals Need Crowns?

The answer to your question is – NO. Not every single root canal procedure is finished off with a crown on top. The main job of the crown is to provide extra support to your tooth, making it last longer. When you get a root canal, dentists remove nasty, bacteria-filled matter inside your tooth, leaving it hollow and empty. Once they are done with the clean-up, it is filled up again.

Now, if your tooth is seriously in a bad state, your dentist might decide to put a crown over it to give your new tooth some structure and extra protection. But if your tooth problems are not as bad and it is standing strong on its own, you can skip the crown, as there is no need for that extra backup.

How Long Will a Root Canal Last Without a Crown?

If you want to know how long your root canal treatment will last, it depends on multiple things. One of them is whether you get a crown or not. Studies have revealed that it can survive for a good 5 to 15 years with a crown. Without a crown, though, the life span of a root canal shortens to a considerable extent that is of 1 to 5 years.

You must know that there are a couple of things that affect how long your root canal hangs in there.

  1. How well you take care of your mouth matters. Keeping up with your oral hygiene regime is a must after a root canal.
  2. Adhere to immediate aftercare instructions.

When You Skip The Crown?

It is a given that placing a dental crown works wonders for the survival rate of your tooth. Dentists are inclined towards their use because they not only protect the structures beneath them but also appear to be pretty natural. However, if your real tooth is in good shape and does not need that extra armor, you can skip the crown.

  1. If your tooth is upfront and not hiding in the back.
  2. There is no need for a crown if your tooth isn’t infected or seriously hurt.
  3. Your teeth have no history of dental trouble.
  4. No previous treatments or restorations have been done on that tooth.

Closing Note

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