Is My Tooth Pain an Emergency?

Dental pain is never fun but does tooth pain count as an emergency? It depends on a few different factors. In this article, you’ll learn if your tooth pain is an emergency and what to do if you need immediate dental care. 

Chronic Vs. Acute Pain

When you’re thinking about a tooth pain emergency, you first need to think about whether your pain is chronic or acute. Chronic pain is long-term pain which usually comes from an infection, illness, or other health problem. Acute pain, on the other hand, starts suddenly, usually as the result of trauma. Acute pain is what is typically considered an emergency, as it usually comes with injuries that need to be treated quickly. However, chronic pain can be considered an emergency if the pain is worse than usual or is not responding to its typical treatments. 

Is It a Tooth Pain Emergency?

If you have pain that is severe enough to be getting in the way of your daily life, then you are dealing with a tooth pain emergency. New, worsening, or very severe pain is always a sign that you need to see a healthcare provider ASAP. Simply put, pain is your body’s way of communicating with you. If you can’t ignore your pain, then it’s a sign that you need medical attention. 

Common Dental Emergencies 

Okay, so severe pain is an emergency. But what causes severe pain in the first place? In dentistry, there are a few different culprits. Of course, an accident or injury to the mouth is one of the most common reasons for pain. However, a health concern, such as an abscess or gingivitis, can also be the cause of your discomfort. 

Seeing an Emergency Dentist

When you visit an emergency dentist, it’s best to come prepared. If there’s been an accident, make note of the important details to share with the dentist. Also look for any tooth fragments so that you can bring them. 

Emergency Dental Work Close to Home

The Smile Artisans are here to care for your tooth pain emergency. We see emergency patients in our convent Cypress office, which means you won’t have to travel far for excellent care. Don’t hesitate in a dental emergency! Call us to get advice ASAP.

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