How to Sleep After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Getting quality rest is so important after oral surgery. Sleeping well during your recovery will allow your mouth to heal and help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. However, sleeping after oral surgery can be easier said than done. Luckily though, there are techniques that can help you get your rest. Read on to learn how to sleep after a wisdom tooth extraction. 

Preparing For Your Recovery

Before your wisdom tooth removal, get ready for the recovery process. You will feel tired and groggy after your procedure, so preparing beforehand will make recovery that much easier. Make sure your home is clean, distractions are limited, and that you have a nice place to rest. You should also prepare or purchase soft foods and liquid calorie sources, such as smoothies or protein shakes. Finally, be sure to pick up prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments that your oral surgeon has recommended. Then, all you will need to do after your surgery is relax! 

How to Sleep After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

So how should you sleep after a wisdom tooth extraction? After your oral surgery, try to sleep on your back for at least the first several days. This will reduce pressure on your surgery site and also help the inside of your mouth to heal. It’s also important to elevate your head. Elevation helps to drain the surgery site, which promotes healing and reduces the risk of infection. You don’t need to sleep completely sitting up though- an extra pillow or two under your head should do the job! 

Resting During The Day

You may feel extra tired or groggy after your dental sedation wears off. Take advantage of this and allow yourself to nap or rest during the day. Even if you don’t usually nap, a few extra hours of sleep can be very helpful as you heal from surgery. Try to just rest in general as well- don’t move around too much or try to keep up with your daily routine after surgery. Your body will thank you. 

Have Questions About Your Recovery?

Everyone’s oral surgery experience is slightly different. If you have questions about your recovery, then give us a call. The Smile Artisans can answer your questions, check on your progress, and make sure your mouth is healing correctly. Request your appointment online or call us today to learn more. 

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