How Preventative Dentistry Saves You Money

No one likes heading to the dentist. However, that is usually because you only end up there if something is wrong. By staying on top of your dental health with preventative dentistry, you can avoid the not-so-pleasant dental appointments, and it can save you money. How?


Every time you go to the dentist for a cleaning, you end up with some helpful items: a new toothbrush, a small toothpaste, floss and more. But they aren’t just handing them to you, they are reminding you to take the time on dental health. Preventative dentistry includes your dentist and dental hygienist reminding you of when and how long to brush as well as tips for making the most out of your time when brushing.


Your health or dental insurance usually covers preventative dentistry. This typically includes cleanings, as well as an exam with x-rays, and even treatments such as fluoride or sealants. If these are covered, utilizing them is important even if you have a copay. Emergency dentist appointments to take care of a bigger problem that could have been prevented can be expensive. Preventative Dentistry can save you from a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. The average cost for just one dental filling is up to $250, but the cavity could have been avoided with regular visits.


Your regular dental visits will most likely include a cleaning every 6 to 12 months, the regular taking of x-rays so potential problems can be monitored or fixed, as well as a visual exam. It is important to know how each of these preventative dentistry techniques help you avoid costly and more painful issues down the road. A cleaning helps to remove plaque and tartar that can cause cavities and can be a haven for bacteria. Any x-rays taken can show previous work you’ve had done as well as weak spots in your enamel. If there are bigger problems, they can be seen as well. A visual exam helps to spot anything the x-rays don’t. With preventative dentistry, you may spend a bit on each visit, but it can keep you from having costlier dental bills. Even without insurance, a preventative dentistry appointment can help the pocketbook by keeping you out of the dental chair in an emergency.

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