Gum Healing Timeline After Tooth Extraction

Teeth extraction may not be on your to-do list even with severe pain, yet there are times when it becomes a necessity. If you have a tooth that is severely decayed, cracked, or chipped, keeping it would do no good. If you are curious about the healing process after tooth extraction, be it wisdom tooth or any other, the duration it takes, and what you can expect, this blog is a good piece of reading for you.

Healing Journey Post Tooth Extraction

If you are due for tooth extraction for the first time, it is completely natural to wonder how long it takes for the gums to heal after it. Usually, your gums take not more than 2 weeks to heal after a tooth extraction.

The recovery period can vary from one person to another, influenced by factors like the extraction type, the reason for the extraction, the number and location of the removed teeth, and post-procedure care.

Quick Recovery with Simple Extraction

If you have undergone a simple tooth extraction, expect to feel normal and up and running within a day or two. The recovery period extends to 48-72 hours for those who undergo a surgical extraction.

In the meantime, your dentist may prescribe painkillers or recommend over-the-counter pain relievers to help you get through. Healing the socket may take 1-2 weeks, especially for surgical extractions. This period is accompanied by mild discomfort; therefore, stick to softer foods during recovery. Among other post-extraction aftercare instructions, do not forget to avoid strenuous physical activity to prevent additional bleeding.

Gum Healing and Recovery

Day 1

Expect a blood clot to form in the missing tooth socket within the initial 24 hours post-extraction. Although fragile, it helps cover the gap left by the extracted tooth. This clot is pivotal for socket healing, preventing food particles and bacteria from infiltrating the open socket. Since it acts as a protective barrier (to the nerves and sensitive area), preserving the blood scab is crucial to avoid a painful condition known as a dry socket.

Day 3

By the time you reach day 3, gums are very well on their way to rebuilding, initiating the healing journey. Around the 7th day, the gap in your teeth will close as sturdy gum tissues replace the blood clot.

If stitches were involved, they may start dissolving or coming out at this point, indicating the completion of healing with the hole sealed.

A Month Later

Within a month, the gap in your teeth will fully heal without pits. The jawbone regenerates as it originally was. The journey might seem lengthy, but adhering to post-extraction care instructions significantly fast-tracks the process.

Tips for Smooth Healing

After the extraction, keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Prioritize resting for at least 24 hours to kick start your body’s healing process.
  • Follow your dentist’s prescription for painkillers and antibiotics to prevent pain and infections.
  • Steer clear of smoking, drinking with the help of a straw, or spitting forcefully, as it can disrupt the crucial blood clot.
  • Maintain good teeth cleaning practices gently, but avoid the specific tooth extraction area.
  • Opt for soft foods during the initial healing period and use a cool ice pack if swelling occurs.

Closing Note

Whether you have had a wisdom tooth extraction or a simple one, following the tips and being patient is all you need to do for a full and speedy recovery. If you want to learn more, get in touch with dental care experts Dr. Liza Shevchenko, a Diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics, and her husband, Dr. Virgilio Gutierrez, an esteemed member of the German Society of Oral Implantology, for help at The Smile Artisans. We are located at 18121 Tuckerton Road, Suite 140, Cypress, TX 77433, for an in-depth evaluation with a professional dental care expert, call (832) 220-6087 to connect with us.

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