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Sick of Your Snaggle Tooth? Consider These Treatment Options

Aug 30, 2022

Do you have a snaggle tooth? This is one of the most common tooth misalignments out there. For many people, it can affect their confidence. Luckily though, you don’t have to live with misaligned teeth! Here are some of the most popular ways to treat a snaggle tooth. What is a Snaggle Tooth? A snaggle […]

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Preparing For Full Arch Dental Implants

Aug 15, 2022

Getting full arch dental implants can be intimidating. Luckily though, there are things you can do before your procedure to ensure everything goes smoothly. Read on to learn how to prepare for your full arch dental implants. Create Your Dental Implant Timeline Full arch dental implants often take months of planning. Work with your oral […]

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Do I Need Emergency Cosmetic Dentistry?

Jul 30, 2022

Many dental emergencies cause both physical and cosmetic problems. While emergency cosmetic dentistry might seem like it’s all about aesthetics, it can also provide crucial healthcare for a damaged mouth. Below, we will explain how emergency cosmetic dentistry can save your smile- and how to know if you need emergency care. What is Emergency Cosmetic […]

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Is it Possible to Lengthen Teeth?

Jul 15, 2022

Do you have short teeth or a gummy smile? These cosmetic issues can majorly impact your self-esteem. Furthermore, many patients believe that there’s nothing that can be done to lengthen teeth. However, this is not the case. There are a few different dental procedures that can lengthen teeth, reduce gum appearance, and improve your smile. […]

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Are There Alternatives to Dental Implants?

Jun 30, 2022

Dental implants are a popular way to restore a person’s smile. However, implants aren’t the best option for everyone. Luckily though, there are some great alternatives to dental implants. In this article, we’ll go over the top alternatives to dental implants so you can make the best choice for your needs.   Removable Dentures Dentures […]

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Managing Pain After Dental Implants

Apr 15, 2022

Dental implants are one of the most effective ways to improve a smile with missing or severely damaged teeth. However, implants do require complex oral surgery, which means some patients might experience pain while they recover. Luckily though, there are plenty of effective ways to manage this pain. Read on to learn how to cope […]

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