Can Wisdom Teeth Cause a Sore Throat?

Sore throats are a common symptom this time of year. And while viral infections like the common cold and strep throat are usually to blame, other issues can cause soreness too. So can wisdom teeth cause a sore throat? And if so, what can be done to address the pain? Learn about the connection between wisdom teeth and throat pain in the article below. 

Common Wisdom Tooth Symptoms

Sometimes, wisdom teeth grow in without causing any negative symptoms. However, wisdom teeth often cause pain, especially if they are impacted. Symptoms include sensitivity, gum irritation, mouth swelling, bad breath, and/or a bad taste in your mouth. Of course, every patient will have slightly different symptoms. Be sure to mention any discomfort to your dentist so they can check for wisdom tooth growth. 

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause a Sore Throat?

So wisdom teeth can cause a variety of symptoms. But can wisdom teeth cause a sore throat? For some patients, the answer is yes. Teeth that are impacted or infected can often cause a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, sinus problems, and other cold or flu-like symptoms.

Wisdom Tooth Removal 

Most patients who grow wisdom teeth will need to have them removed. The position of these teeth means that they are often impacted, which can pain, infections, and other health concerns. A sore throat from wisdom teeth is usually a sign of impaction, which means it’s especially important to have your wisdom teeth removed. Luckily though, removal is an easy and quick procedure. 

Tips for Pain Management 

Removing your wisdom teeth is the only way to truly get rid of your pain. However, there are a few remedies that may help reduce your pain as you wait for your tooth extraction. Numbing gels, sensitive toothpaste, and over-the-counter pain killers can all help. However, it’s important to talk to your dentist before you try any of these options. 

You Don’t Have to Live With Wisdom Tooth Pain!

The Smile Artisans can safely remove your wisdom teeth for a healthy and pain-free smile. If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, then it’s time to see a dentist or oral surgeon. Call us to book a wisdom tooth consultation today. 


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