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Are There Alternatives to Dentures?

If you need a smile makeover, then you should know your options. While dentures are a great way to restore teeth without surgery, they are not the best solution for everyone. Some patients prefer a permanent solution, and others just simply aren’t sure about dentures. Regardless, there are other ways to replace and restore teeth. […]

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How Long Does A Temporary Filling Last?

People often ask, “How long do dental fillings last?” Usually, a permanent dental filling can last anywhere from 7 to 20 years. However, it depends on what filler material you choose, the location and size of the filling, and your oral hygiene. Other factors include: Material used Trauma to the tooth Decay around the filling […]

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Reasons Why My Teeth Are Translucent

Normal teeth are usually opaque, but maybe standing in front of the mirror, you may notice that the edges of your teeth have turned transparent or translucent. You may start to worry because you regularly visit your dentist and follow a good oral hygiene routine. This article will explore the causes behind transparent or translucent […]

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Prolonged Pain After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are more common than you might think. Dentists and oral surgeons remove teeth daily, and modern dental technology makes extractions quicker and easier than ever before. Most patients will quickly feel like themselves again after their oral surgery. However, a few people deal with prolonged pain after tooth extraction. Read on to learn […]

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Whitening Tooth Paint: Does This Stuff Really Work?

Tooth paint is just one of many whitening products on the market. This paint generally comes in a pen-shaped device. The product claims that a whiter smile is as simple as brushing the paint onto the surface of your teeth. But is this claim too good to be true? Get the truth on this teeth […]

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Know the Stages of Gingivitis and Gum Disease

A healthy mouth is about more than just your teeth. Your gums are also an important part of your overall health. However, most of us don’t give them much thought. Knowing the stages of gingivitis will help you recognize gum problems before they become severe. Read on to learn the stages of gingivitis- and how […]

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What Does a Cavity Look Like?

Cavities are a common dental issue. This means that most patients want to get on top of their cavity care. So you may be wondering: what does a cavity look like? Can I spot one on my own? The answer may surprise you. In the article below, we’ll share tips for spotting a cavity- and […]

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Does Toothpaste Get Rid of Cold Sores?

Ouch! Are you dealing with a cold sore? These mouth ulcers are never fun. If you have a cold sore, then you are probably looking to get rid of it as soon as possible. A quick google search will tell you that toothpaste is an easy home remedy for a cold sore. But is this […]

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Are Braces For All Ages?

Braces are so common among adolescents that they are a part of the “teenager” stereotype. But what if you aren’t a teenager? There are plenty of older- and younger- people who use braces to straighten their teeth. There are also other orthodontic options for these people to consider. Below, we will explain the benefits of […]

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Can Dental Floss Sticks Help You Keep Your Teeth Clean?

We all know the importance of flossing. However, lots of people forget to practice what they preach. We know it can be hard to remember to floss. However, it is crucial for good oral health. Flossing removes debris that your toothbrush cannot reach. This will prevent cavities, freshen breath, and help to maintain your overall […]

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