Appearance Of Black Spot On Your Tooth – Causes Explained

Black spots on teeth are quite bothersome because they hamper the aesthetics of your beautiful smile. There are multiple reasons why this may happen, and the good news is that almost every problem has its targeted solution. Stay with us till the end to learn the top 10 causes and their solutions.

Is That Black Spot On Your Tooth Normal?

Let’s get one thing straight – a black spot on your tooth is not normal, and as soon as you start noticing change, get in touch with a dentist immediately. You can contact the dynamic duo from our clinical office. Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Shevchenko are at your disposal to provide the best solution to this problem. While some causes are harmless, like staining from certain beverages or tartar buildup, others may indicate more severe dental issues that require treatment.

Black Spots On Teeth – Top 10 Causes

Let’s tackle each cause in detail:

1. Cavity On Tooth

The most common concern that sits on the top of this list is tooth decay or cavities. This happens when the bacteria left on your enamel feeds on sugar in your mouth. This reaction produces acids that break down enamel to create cavities. They start off as tiny black dots on your tooth.

2. Injury to an Affected Tooth

Trauma to a tooth, such as chipping or cracking, is a major source of spots on the tooth. Dark areas may appear around the injured area due to blood cells in the affected area. The treatment plan depends on the specific cause.

3. Tartar Buildup on Teeth

Tartar is a calcified version of plaque, and it can build up around your gums. If left untreated, it can cause discoloration on the tooth surface.

4. Aging

After living decades, it is common for teeth to look dull. Think about the wrath it had to go through the years and constant brushing. All of which contribute to this issue.

5. Tooth Staining from Certain Beverages

Some beverages, such as coffee and tea, stain your enamel over time, making them look patchy.

6. Discoloration Due to Medicinal Use

If you have recently been put on antibiotics, it may be the sole or one of the reasons for dark stains forming on your teeth. This happens when drugs like tetracycline bind with calcium particles in your saliva, forming a dark deposit.

7. Fluorosis

Although uncommon, it still affects a lot in terms of losing confidence. This condition is a result of excessive fluoride consumption, either through water or diet. This leads to mottling or white patches on the enamel and, over time, stains your enamel too.

8. Celiac Disease

This condition is triggered by gluten consumption and can affect various parts of your body, including your oral health. It may lead to discoloration due to increased levels of certain substances in your saliva. Regular visits to the dentist are crucial for maintaining oral health in such cases.

9. Dental Restoration

Sometimes, improperly fitting dental restorations may result in certain areas of your teeth appearing darker than usual due to variations in bonding between surfaces during the repair.

10. Tobacco Consumption

Smoking cigarettes and using tobacco products directly can lead to tar deposits on your teeth. This is a major cause of staining and discoloration, which is why regular dental visits are essential to address and prevent such issues.

How to Remove Black Spots on Teeth?

Black spots on your teeth are cause for concern, and there are multiple ways to combat this issue, depending on the cause. Consider the following options:

  1. Whitening Toothpaste: Use whitening toothpaste to gradually lighten surface stains on your teeth.
  2. Whitening Strips and Trays: These products available over-the-counter, without prescription, are really effective for mild teeth staining. One-size, mass-produced trays, along with whitening strips containing mild concentrations of bleaching agents, successfully undo mild discoloration.
  3. Bleaching Treatments: Professional bleaching done by a dentist in their office is highly effective for getting rid of every kind of stubborn stain.
  4. Laser Whitening Treatments: Advanced laser treatments eliminate dark spots on your teeth, letting out a brighter smile.

Closing Note

Do not let the spots affect you or your oral health. If the staining is severe or has pain, it signifies a more serious problem. In such a case scenario, drop by The Smile Artisans at 18121 Tuckerton Road, Suite 140, Cypress, TX 77433; for an in-depth evaluation with a professional dental care expert, call (832) 220-6087 to connect with us.

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