Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Find State-of-the-Art Technology and Techniques at Smile Artisans

Here in Cypress, it shouldn’t take long at all for our patients to see and feel a different side to dentistry. Our open concept office features beautifully modern décor, a highly experienced staff, and plenty of revolutionary tools that are meant to improve every aspect of your treatment. Dr. Gutierrez always makes an effort to stay up-to-date with the latest in dentistry, and it shows here at Smile Artisans. To schedule an appointment of your own, contact us today.

Intraoral Camera

With our DEXcam intraoral camera, it’s easier than ever to get an up-close-and-personal look at each patient’s unique smile. The wand fits comfortably in the mouth and starts capturing high-resolution images and video right away, which is transferred to a monitor in the operatory for both the doctor and the patient to view together. Not only does the intraoral camera give our team the information we need to support our clinical diagnoses, but it’s also a helpful tool for teaching patients more about their oral health.

Intraoral Camera
Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Your oral health is made up of many different components, some of which aren’t visible to the naked eye. That’s why digital X-rays are such an essential part of dental care. Instead of relying on traditional film and all its tired pitfalls, Dr. Gutierrez has chosen to invest in DEXIS digital radiography as a much-improved alternative. With digital X-rays, there’s no need for a darkroom, hazardous chemicals, or bulky physical storage – the highly detailed images are captured and available on our computer system in mere seconds. Radiation exposure is greatly reduced as well, which is good news for our patients’ overall safety.

CT / Cone Beam Scanner

Despite the effectiveness of our digital X-ray system, there are some cases where a two-dimensional image simply won’t provide the comprehensive information our doctors need. In these cases, we rely on our GALILEOS cone beam scanner instead! This state-of-the-art technology captures three-dimensional, panoramic images of a patient’s teeth, gums, jaw, head, neck, and more, revealing even the smallest bodily details like the locations of sinuses and certain nerves. This information is crucial when planning advanced procedures like surgical implant placement.

CT / Cone Beam Scanner
Extra Help For Patients

Digital Impression System

Instead of requiring patients to sit still with a mouth full of uncomfortable impression material, our digital system allows us to simplify this process down into a few, no-contact scans of the mouth. This modern technique is much more accurate, resulting in less time wasted on retakes, and your new restoration should both feel and look much better suited to your smile.

The Wand

A fear of needles is one of the reasons why patients struggle to feel comfortable in the dentist’s office, but the Smile Artisans team has invested in an alternative method for local anesthesia delivery – the Wand! This device hides the needle in a harmless looking “wand” that actually delivers numbing gel to the gum tissue before the injection ever happens. As a result, patients don’t even feel the needle prick and are able to become numb for treatment in a much more comfortable fashion.

Oral Cancer Screening
Metal-Free Restorations

Cavity Detection System

Cavities are a dental problem that virtually every patient experiences over the course of their lives, and our team is determined to discover them and treat them as soon as possible. To accomplish this goal, we use a high-tech cavity detection system that can locate areas of decay with a few simple scans of the mouth – even spots that might not be noticeable yet to the eye! By doing this, we can ensure that our patients’ smiles stay healthier and stronger over time.

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