Advanced Technology

Technology & techniques
When you step into our office, you’ll know you’ve entered a new world of dental excellence. From our modern office open concept to our friendly, professional staff, you’ll see what dentistry in the twenty-first century is like. Dr. Gutierrez and our team are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest technologies and procedures in dentistry

Clinical Photo Studio

Every new smile
starts with a Flash!
As you walk into our modern office you will notice right away something different from other dental offices… a dedicated Photo Studio full of Professional high grade photography equipment. Why? Because Dr. G knows the most valuable piece of equipment he has in his entire arsenal to help give patients excellence is ….. his DSLR camera!

Smart Aligners

Planned, designed, & manufactured

By our team of
Orthodontist Specialists

Smart Aligners Cypress, Texas

Not every aligner is created equal! Our smart aligners can tackle on difficult cases with better results because everything is controlled by our team of ortho specialist and not left to technicians and algorithms to decide if certain movements are possible to attain.

Computerized Assisted Anesthesia

The Magic Wand

If needles have you feeling uneasy about visiting the dentist office, you can relax. At Smile Artisans we have implemented an advanced anesthesia delivery system called, ‘THE WAND’. its a computer guided system that administers anesthesia with little to no pain and discomfort.

When you are with us, your comfort, safety and relaxation is our number one priority

Computer Guided Implant Surgery

From Single to FULL ARCH
we make Implant surgeries more
comfortable and predictable

Implant surgeries don’t have to cause anxiety or be painful. Careful planning using our 3D CBCT, our 3D intra oral scanner can help us plan our implant surgeries in our software in order to evaluate all options and determine the success as well as preform a minimally invasive way of doing the implant surgery. This all translates to easier appointment, faster healing, more precise results, and greater patient satisfaction. its the reason every single implant surgery is planned this way for all our patients.

Aqua Care

“TOUCHLESS Dentistry”

it’s a thing!!!!

When it comes to minimally invasive…
we’ve got you covered.

With aquacare twin, we’ve got the Power to clean teeth, remove stains/biofilm, improve bonding, and even remove carious tooth structure without the need for anesthesia….

NO needles, NO PAIN!
Just Comfort and relaxation

Digital Impressions

No more
yucky impressions

If you’ve had an impression done, you’ll remember the yucky uncomfortable feeling of all that impression material in your mouth for minutes that seemed like hours.

ENTER the leader in DIGITAL INTRA-ORAL IMPRESSIONS… 3 shape Trios intra oral scanner! The ultimate pt comfort starts with digitizing your teeth. We can send your case in seconds to labs across the US so that our master lab techs can create beautiful fitting crowns and veneers.

Patient R&R

Wall and Ceiling Mounted TV

Relax & enjoy
the show
Who says coming to see your dentist is boring? At smile artisans each one of our treatment suites is equipped with both a wall mounted and a ceiling mounted 42 inch flat screen with Netflix and Amazon prime to help you relax and enjoy your favorite show while we take excellent care of your smile.


track and measure the unbalanced forces of every single tooth

T-Scan’s state-of-the-art, innovative, digital technology helps our team to identify premature contacts, high forces, and interrelationship of bite surfaces. This important data cannot be captured by traditional, analog bite methods, like articulating paper.
Whether eliminating destructive forces on new veneers or crowns, or performing a bite analysis and adjustment procedure, T-Scan helps our team balance your bite reducing joint/muscle/teeth pain.

Smile Design

with Beyond digital solutions planning center

Before After BDS Mockup
Test drive your new smile
The first step in falling in love with your new smile is test driving it with our BDS mock up. its a way of showing our patients how to restore their teeth to the right proportions and how things will look and fit on their unique smile with a mock up that fits over their natural teeth in a matter of minutes.

CBCT 3D-Xrays

Our standard of care….

While digital x-ray images are a routine diagnostic tool, these images are two dimensional. Occasionally, depending on the oral issues being evaluated, three dimension images are needed. To provide the doctors with the best comprehensive information upon which to make a diagnosis, Dr. Gutierrez and the team at Smile Artisans use the state-of-the-art GALILEOS cone beam scanner system. This system captures three dimensional, panoramic images of a patient’s teeth, gums, jaw, neck, head, and more, revealing the smallest internal details from a 3D perspective.

Ozone Therapy

A wellness approach
to better healing
Ozone is essentially a supercharged form of oxygen with the unique ability to disinfect. This fights off many different types of bacteria that cause periodontal diseases, dental pain, and tooth decay


  1. It Is Effective In Fighting Decay-Causing Bacteria
  2. It Supports Gum Health And Healing
  3. Its non invasive
  4. Its all natural

Biomaterials Equipment

When it comes to our patients we only give them the best!!
Quality matters, that’s why we invest in working with only the best materials and equipment that can help us achieve optimal results.

when it comes to our patients, we don’t cut corners and go cheap… we look for excellence! From the curing lights, to our electric handpieces, our implant systems, all the way to the type of composite we use and surgical instruments… at Smile Artisans we use only the best for the best: Our Patients!

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