5 Ways to Deal With Invisalign Pain

While Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth, the aligner trays can sometimes cause discomfort. This is because the trays shift your tooth position using gentle pressure. Luckily though, there are some easy ways to manage this pain. Below, we’ll share easy ways to manage Invisalign pain.

1- Switch Trays at Night

If you experience pain when changing your trays, then think about putting your new trays in at night. Switching trays just before going to sleep is an easy way to avoid the pain that often comes on the first day of wearing a new tray.

2- Try a Pain Reliever

Over-the-counter pain relievers are an easy way to avoid some of the discomfort that comes with switching aligner trays. Some patients find relief with oral medications like Advil, while others prefer a pain relieving cream like Orajel. Ask your dentist if either of these options is a good choice for you.

3- Use Dental Wax

Dental wax isn’t just for braces! If you have pinching or chafing from your aligner tray, then wax can provide instant relief. Simply apply a small piece of dental wax directly over the sore area. Just remember to remove the wax before eating or sleeping.

4- Use a Removal Tool

Invisalign trays fit snugly into the mouth. And while this helps them do their job properly, it can also make the trays difficult to remove. If you experience pain when removing your trays, then use an Invisalign removal tool. This will not only relieve pain, but also help to protect your aligners.

5- Keep Up Your Oral Care

Make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly during your Invisalign treatment. Even though trays are removed before eating, tiny pieces of food debris can remain in the mouth, making your devices uncomfortable.

Still Dealing With Invisalign Pain?

If you still have Invisalign pain after trying these tips, then call your dentist or orthodontist. They can assess your mouth, check your aligners, and help you find pain relievers that work for you. If you have questions about your Invisalign or would like to start Invisalign treatment then call the Smile Artisans today.

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