3 Reasons to Choose Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can dramatically change the look of your smile. Unlike other options, veneers specifically correct cosmetic issues. This means they are great for people who have healthy smiles but lack confidence due to the look of their teeth. However, there is still a lot that people don’t know about this treatment. Below, we will share three common reasons that people choose veneers.

1- Easily Change the Shape of Your Teeth

There are many reasons that people are unhappy with their teeth. For instance, some people have teeth they feel are too small or narrow. This problem can make people feel hopeless, as there doesn’t seem to be much a dentist can do without removing teeth. Veneers can cover these misshapen teeth easily. This fixes the cosmetic issue without invasive oral surgery.

2- Fix Cosmetic Issues Quickly with Dental Veneers

In addition to size and shape problems, there are other common tooth issues people have. Some are unhappy with the natural color of their teeth. Furthermore, other people have gaps or alignment problems but do not want to use orthodontics. Veneers are a great alternative to braces. Instead of taking months or years to straighten the teeth, they quickly cover the issue.

3- Easy, Surgery-Free Process

Another huge benefit of dental veneers is that they are a surgery-free option. Some patients are afraid of complex oral surgeries. Moreover, some patients cannot undergo surgery for medical reasons. Veneers are installed using simple, outpatient procedures. The result is strong, functional teeth without needing surgery. This also means there is virtually no recovery time needed after you get your veneers. Get your confident smile right away!

Ready to Learn More about Dental Veneers?

Whether you choose dental veneers or another cosmetic treatment, the Smile Artisans can help you smile with confidence. We offer plenty of solutions to fit a variety of needs. To learn more, schedule a consultation today! Call us to get started.

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